about us

Our company, in the simplest terms

we're creative

We are full-service architecture design
firm and we’re also are good listeners
to our clients to help the visions
and ideas come to life
with creativity.

our mission

To be the design company who creates
built environments through inspiration
and innovation. Making ideas
come to life.

designing the

built enviornment

Why choose us?

Choosing an architect is tough.
let us convince you


MOA Architecture, Inc. has a team of dedicated designers on each project and works closely with our clients.


We are a team of professionals ready to
provide project delivery under budget and on time.


Our team has over 25 years of combined design and project management experience.

project Creative

We have a number of brilliant minds ready
for designing your next projects.

client support

We are always at your service for
solving any difficulties which may arise during a project from concept to construction completion.


MOA Architecture, Inc. is a group of energetic teammates who love thier jobs and working on various types of projects.

do you know

some cool facts about our company


about what is happening outside the walls of our offices and around the world

green designers

in our office where sustainability is a part of our daily practice

future designers

are being created through our pipeline to practice for minority youth

our services

we listen, plan, design and manage high quality projects

concept design

Create a conceptual design process with our clients that takes your visions and bring them to life.

brand identity

We will create a design for your unique project. We will take your brand and incorporate it into your design. Our team will always ready to take this creativity challenge.

out of the box

We use cutting edge software that allows us to create unique features and new ideas for the public structures in the built environment.

design thinking

We believe that in the process we need all things to work together to get the right results. Bring everyone to the table to get the intended design.


We will build strong relationships with our clients to have them feel like a intricate part of the design team.

design time

Appropriate time management allows completion of designs ahead of schedule. It enables more time for quality control checks.

Our Performance

Be surprised seeing our client saticfaction ratings of us.

MOA takes time management seriously. Our clients cannot enjoy a difficult design when our projects are behind schedule. Getting projects completed on expected time are a huge part of our company culture.

A project’s budget constitutes the backbone of every single one of our projects. No project can move forward without the necessary amount of money, and that requires a well-planned and adequately estimated budget.

To be competitive, we have to stay in tune with the changes in technology. Staying in tune goes for the software we use to design and the products and technology we use in our designs.

how we did it

working together to achieve great results

analysis & planning

We work with our clients to clearly define their designs with a comprehensive scope, budget, and schedule before the project’s final approval. It's essential during this stage to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept while at the same time exploring alternative design solutions.

Design & Development

This is the main production phase where we take the concept design and make it functional to our clients’ project type. Upon completion of the drawings, the complete design must pass through our quality assurance phase before we present our clients with the finished deliverable.

construction phase

After construction documents are permitted, we assist with the selection our clients’ general contractors. In this phase, we will be on-site to observe the project progression and aid with any questions essential for fixing design and development issues.

project close-out

The final step is where the ribbon cutting happens. Here we help to make sure all the building systems are operating as designed. At this point in the process, our clients enjoy the reality of a vision that came to life!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the design company that creates built environments through inspiration and innovation. Making ideas come to life.


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